Practices That Cause Inefficient Reading

There are various things that readers practice that hinder comprehension of the content they read. Some of these practices end up wasting the reader’s time with the reader remembering nothing after completing the text. The practices that cause inefficient reading include;

Vocalization - Vocalization is the act of reading aloud in order to register the sound of the word as they are read. Vocalization causes inefficient reading because it slows down the reading process. It has been observed that reading aloud takes twice as long as reading silently and yet it is not any effective because it hinders comprehension of

the text being read.


Sub-Vocalization - Sub-vocalization is the act of one trying to pronounce words with an effort not to move their lips. It is like they are whispering the words into their mind. This will reduce the speed of reading to almost the speed of a person reading aloud. Thus it increases time spent on reading thus hindering efficient reading. Try to minimize this practice and experience enhanced reading.


Finger reading - This is the habit of a reader pointing at words, phrases or sentences as they read. It hinders the reader from achieving efficient reading since it increases time spent on reading. Since most text is broken down into

portions in becomes difficult to grasp the full concept at once. It is thus a much slower and inefficient reading practice.


Eye span - Eye span refers to the number of words the reader can recognize while the eyes are fixed at one point. It is a relationship between eye fixation time and eye fixation zone. Fixations are stops a reader takes to take a word or phrase and then move on to the next. A narrow eye span means the reader needs more time to recognize very few words due to a small fixation zone. Widening the fixation means being able to recognize more words in the least time that is to say a larger fixation zone with less fixation time.


Regression (Backtracking while reading) - Regression is a habit where the reader lets their eye wander back to re-read words that have previously been read. It really costs a lot of precious moments glaring back to re-read text. It is thus an inefficient reading causative and one should avoid it.

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